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Currently, Sunney Leone is the most sought after item girl in Bollywood.

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Imli played by Raima Sen is a prostitute from Sonagachi, Kolkata.

Rohit played by Salim Diwan is a call-centre employee who wants to be a part of Bollywood.

Vishnu played Ashish Vidyarthi is a retired government servant who wants to join Bollywood after retirement.

By Dileep Thekkethil BENGALURU: Item numbers, popularly known as item songs, has been part and parcel of the Bollywood industry since early 1950s.

But, over the years this genre of musical performance under went sea change and its popularity increased multi-fold as songs became more and more provocative.

In 1950s the number of Bollywood item songs didn’t go beyond one or two a year but, in contrast to this, today, the number of item songs releasing a year has goes beyond single digits and the industry is keen in finding sexy actress to do them.

A majority of these songs doesn’t add any value to the movie, in terms of script or the story, but are included to attract attention (usually of the male audience) for the films.

The film was released worldwide on 26 February 2016. The crew also includes Shrjil Khan as Choreographer, Nilesh S.

The Director of Photography is Dev Agarwal, who has earlier worked in City Lights, and the editing crew is led by Praveen Angre. Gorkshe as Art Director, Tony Arora as Line Producer, Ajay Kumar P. as Sound Mixing Engineer and Mayank Dixit as Casting Director.

Bollywood Diaries is about three unrelated individuals – a guy working at a call-center in Delhi, a middle-aged government servant from Bhilai and a prostitute from Sonagachi, Kolkata.

All three of them aspire to become Bollywood actors and the movie captures their journey and struggles.


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