Caitlin keats dating matt dallas and jaimie alexander dating 2016

Caitlin Keats's date of birth is: 26 September 1972, She was born in New York City, New York, USA. Among Her first film/tv appearances you can find: "The Single Guy: Attraction (#1.9) (1995)", "Murder in Small Town X (2001)", "Kill Bill: Vol. Her later/recent/future appearances include: "Broken English (2007)", "The Lather Effect (2006) "The Good Humor Man (2005)".

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Caitlin keats dating

Aurasma is one of the leading augmented reality platforms, and once you have the app opened, you can hold your phone to an image or object and Aurasma will have it interact with any related computer-generated information that is stored.

The newest thing with augmented reality is Google Glass, Google’s new high-tech glasses that use augmented reality without the hassle of having to hold up your phone and open an app.

The glasses have a little computer screen on the right side, which will recognize your voice and obey certain commands like “Take a photo” or “Get directions to…”.

Essentially, Google Glass is a smartphone, just in hands-free form.

In fact, soon users will be able to take a picture simply by winking.

There’s even an app that uses the built-in sensors to tell whether or not you’re paying attention to the road when you’re driving.

Over Christmas break I actually got a chance to play with Google Glass (okay, I wouldn’t go as far as to say ‘play’.

I was very careful and under supervision at all times, seeing as it is very expensive and not a toy).

The computer screen appears to stretch before your vision, even though there’s just a small square located in the right corner.


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  2. She gets kicked out in Feud, but moves back in at the end of Guilty Pleasures.

  3. However, Forbes said his wealth has risen from .4 billion in March 2014 and .6 billion in March 2015.

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