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, Danny Wood gets a crazy surprise from fan Amanda, known as "the wild child," while innocently chatting with his manager.PHOTOS: Biggest boy bands of all time Amanda, 38, gets frazzled when she sees the singer on deck, and quickly comes up with a way to grab his attention. "Instantly he turns and goes to talk to his manager," she says of his reaction.

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Wood's mother was completely behind him every step of the way from the time that the group played in dives on their way up the ladder.

The middle of six kids, Wood was the son of a mail carrier.

He was 17 when recruited for a boys' band by impresario Maurice Starr, passing up a scholarship to Boston University to play with the other boys.

Four years later they were superstars with thousands of screaming girls following their every move.

By 1994, sales slid and adulation faded; they were no longer New. Wood's relationship with his girlfriend was also at an end and she left with their baby son.

By 1995 he was at the bottom of his game; he had lost his son and his job. However, he had millions from his gig as a Kid and he moved into the production end of the business, putting out a couple albums for other groups as well as a few of his own.In 1997 he married songwriter Patricia Alfaro, 26 and they had two daughters, Chance in 1998 and Vega in 1999.He was previously married to Patricia "Patty" Alfaro.American musician who, along with Jon and Jordan Knight, Mc Intyre and Wahlberg, was a member of the group "New Kids On The Block." The groups' first album, "New Kids On The Block," 1986, fizzled, but in mid-1988 they exploded onto the music scene with their next album, "Hangin' Tough." This album made them the first teen group in history to score four top-ten singles from one LP.Their third album, "Step By Step," soared to the number one position on the chart in two weeks.In total, they sold over 33 million albums worldwide.

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