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Manchester College A Cappella Choir and Chamber Singers Concert Tour May 2001 CD .

Manchester College Concert Tour May 2001, CD and CD Master Copy."Celebrating the Vision, Manchester College," DVD.

"Celebrating the Vision, Manchester College," Commercial 1 - Adds Up, Commercial 2, - Not Stuffy DVD.

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and all of us at Manchester University."2014 "Students First! Photographs: David Mc Cormick directing band at Morton West concert.1954 or 1955 "workday" stage presentation.1955 Convocation Planning Committee. Other cards [2009, 2010, 2011] and items related to "Connections" for Life [2009], and "Reach" [circa 2002]. Otho Winger Day, part of Alumni Week, 30 May - 2 June 1996. This includes more than the Otho Winger Day, but the scheduling for the 1944 - 51 Cluster Reunion.

Advancement Christmas card, promotional materials, mission and vision statement, posters, Church of the Brethren connection, events, societies, self-study, float plan for a parade, and more. 1947 photo spread from "The News-Sentinel" that features the Chime Tower, Oakwood Hall, student housing, tennis courts, trailers for married students, the radio station, Manchester College professors, the May Day queen, football players, and the Education/Professional Programs Division. An assortment of materials sent to the Archives from the Office of Advancement during the Spring of 2014. This includes "Faith Learning, and Service Programs" with seminars on medical ethics, politics, social concerns, etc.

Materials focus on facilities planning needs (1989), proposed campus plan (1990), philanthropic market study recommendations, the building of the Science Center as part of "The Next Step! Oak Leaves, 22 September 1960 p.1; 29 September 1960 p.1; 13 October 1960 p.1; 3 November 1960 p.3; 10 November 1960 p.3; 17 November 1960 p.3; 10 October 1963 p.1; 14 November 1963 p.1; 16 January 1964 p.1.: Manchester College President's Club and Otho Winger Society Annual Dinnner, Inauguration Weekend, 21 October 1994 - with a brief description of each president along with humorous quips. News releases, newspaper articles, resumes, announcing publications written by Manchester University alumni - as well as actual publications or businesses/careers associated with alumni of the University.

Summer and spring terms, evening classes, introduction to computers, driver training, newspaper articles, news releases, academic standard requirements for academic progress, probation and disqualification (1990). " Administration Building Postcard: Color photograph of front lawn and Administration Building.

Cora Wise Helman's "Report of the Registrar," 1922-1947. Labeled on back, "Administration Building, Manchester College, North Manchester, Indiana, Founded 1889." Unused card. Folder labeled, "Senior Sendoff," 1993 containing poster.

MC2009/97a: Science Center construction reports, minutes, design, finance, etc. MSKTDMC2009/97b: Social Work Accreditation, Institutional Research, APC Minutes, Library renovation 1999. MC2009/97d: Files of Former faculty and staff and VIA information. Formerly MC2003/113 #42 but paperwork was not completed. Folder labeled, "Centennial Auction," 1990 containing poster.

Script for "Accent on Education", a radio spot introducing Professor Art Gilbert and students, who talk about the internship in Accounting. One book property of the Adelphian Society, a literary society at Manchester College."Wild Life In Oregon: Being a Stirring Recital of Actual Scens of Daring and Peril Among the Gigantic Forests and Terrific Rapids of the Columbia River (The Mississippi of the Pacific Slope) .......

Photocopy of advertisement from , "The News-Journal," . Letter from The Council of Independent Colleges, regarding international aspects of business, 1988. "Carnival of Animals" drawings by Alison Adams created for the Manchester Symphony Orchestra performance on Nov 6th 1983 of "Carnival of the Animals" by Camille Saint-Saens to commemorate the Orchestra's 45th Season.

Formerly MC2003/113 #32 but paperwork was not completed. Folder labeled, "Manchester College Publicity," with posters.

Advancement promotional materials, CD of the Groundbreaking and Dedication of the the Norman and Grace Wine Recital Hall, along with one old "key" that was found on campus.

Three "Stagebills, May 2001" from Carnegie Hall featuring the Manchester College A Cappella Choir.


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