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It has been shown that caged hamsters thrive the most when given plenty of opportunity for exercise, and the best accomodation is designed with this in mind If I took your computer, TV and books away and locked you in a room full of weights machines, you'd use them (probably to make a weapon to attack me with, but you get my point). Because the hamster wants to sleep and play in those shavings. Toilet paper rolls (tubes) and wax paper and paper towel tubes are perfect, as are the paper towels themselves. You want to avoid cardboard products, like boxes and shoeboxes, that might have potentially sick-making glues and ink on them. It's not that he's made the nest under the water bottle--it's that you've got the water bottle just above where he has decided is the best spot for his nest.

Having said that, our hamster decided she was going to piss in the sand bath. Move the bottle so his bedding doesn't get all wet.

Originally posted by Balor You should read "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams.

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You should read "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams. Every hamster I've ever had (and I've had a LOT of hamsters ) does this.

From this, you will realise that your hamster is actually the visible portion of a superhuman being. It doesn't have anything to do with what's underneath it.

It is performing scientific experiments on you, testing what your reaction will be if it does items 1 to 4 listed above. I've never been able to figure out why they pick the corners they do.

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We recently bought a hamster, and watching this hamster has raised a number of questions. It never goes inside the little plastic igloo that is in there for that purpose. I suggest you ignore it, which will skew its data completely. Hamsters live in burrows, and in the burrow, they designate one special part for "crap".

My hypothesis is that it's because that corner hangs off the edge of the chair her tank is on and it maybe thinks it's turds will drop through the glass bottom and out of her cage, but then I think it understands the non-permeable qualities of glass - see next question. Why does my hamster sleep with it's head and sometimes part of it's torso wedged upright in the corner? Why does my hamster make it's nest directly under it's water bottle? Sungorus - Siberia, Khazakhstan, Manchuria, Mongoloia. It is performing scientific experiments on you, testing what your reaction will be if it does items 1 to 4 listed above. It can't be THAT fun, and it should have figured out by now that it's not going anywhere. Why has the hamster moved all the pine shavings out of one corner of it's tank and uses that corner to crap in? From this, you will realise that your hamster is actually the visible portion of a superhuman being.I suggest you ignore it, which will skew its data completely. Still, they all do different things (or so I'm told). For all I know, they line them up with the signs of the zodiac... This is not a normal sleeping posture for a theory on the wheel is that the hamster is just stupid, + it can't move sideways. Hamsters need to travel long distances in the wild, in order to collect enough food to survive in desert conditions. Be careful that the bedding material doesn't touch the drinking tube (happened to me once). Syrian (not exclusive to Syria, but it doesn't specify where else). Russian (occurs throughout Russia, Mongolia and China). Chinese (common throughout much of Eurasia from Siberia to Tibet, and westwards into Eastern Europe). He ought to be sleeping curled up, totally hidden, amongst an enormous pile of shredded bedding.So it gets on the wheel, tries to get off but can only go forwards. In captivity, the opportunity to move around is largely removed, together with the urgent need to do so. Pine shavings alone are not sufficient for true Hamster Happiness.Yet hamsters will still travel long distances every night on an exercise wheel because the instinct to be active remains. Give him more paper goods to shred, so he can hide himself.


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