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What are you doing — and what’s the reaction among friends and family?

We just also happen to believe that kids today are smarter and safer than society gives them credit for.

But remember: Free-Range is not “free-wheeling.” We believe in teaching our kids safety.

In Switzerland, these services are also offered to retail clients.

and remains a leading provider of retail banking and commercial banking services in Switzerland.

In 2014, UBS' assets under management(Au M) amounted to US$1,966.9 billion, representing a 15.4% increase in Au M compared to the equivalent data of 2013.

In comparison to other European banks, UBS suffered among the largest losses during the subprime mortgage crisis, and the bank was required to raise large amounts of outside capital.

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The company provides wealth management, asset management, and investment banking services for private, corporate, and institutional clients worldwide, and is generally considered to be a bulge bracket bank.

In 2007, the bank received a US.7 billion capital injection from the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (currently GIC Private Limited effective from July 2013), which remains one of the bank's largest shareholders.


  1. The experiments engaged the students and educators in the scientific process of gathering data and developing and testing hypotheses, thereby enhancing science education.

  2. You don't know any of that stuff for sure and you sound like a crazy stalker. I agree with R33 that it's time for someone at his level to come out--and he's the perfect person, IMO.

  3. We all love it when we are with someone who is listening to us.

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