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ET) on The CW SEE JANE GET NOTICED — Louise is determined to help this week’s Jane stop living life on the sidelines.Our Jane only dresses in black and grey, and goes out of her way to not be noticed by […] [Read more →] Plain Jane Season 1: “DO OVER JANE” SEE JANE GET A SECOND CHANCE — Louise works her magic on a small-town farm girl who’s moved to Hollywood to become a writer.This “Jane” works at a coffee shop by day and spends her nights hunkered over her laptop writing and dreaming.

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[Read more →] The CW – Plain Jane Season 1 Episode 1: “FRIEND ZONE JANE” SEE JANE BLOSSOM — British fashion expert Louise Roe (“The City,” “E! In the premiere episode, an uncomfortably shy and messy Jane attempts to shed her “one of the guys” status – along with her […] [Read more →] LET THE TRANSFORMATIONS BEGIN: “PLAIN JANE” PREMIERES WEDNESDAY, JULY 28, ON THE CW June 3, 2010 (Burbank, California) – The CW has announced the premiere of the new life-changing reality series, PLAIN JANE, on Wednesday, July 28 (- p.m.

is a new reality TV series where British fashion expert, Louise Roe, takes one ‘Jane’ every week and transforms her from head to toe.

The mission is not only to give a brand new look, but to also build confidence and good self esteem. Louise Roe is the host of , she can be seen on the MTV series, The City, has appeared in Fashion Police and has hosted red carpet shows for various award nights.

Some of Louise’s journalism credits include her bi-monthly column for MSN News titled, “Front Roe” and has written for Elle,, In Style, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan magazine. There’s always a romantic interest and I set them up for a date.

The CW – Plain Jane Season 1: “Jane Plus” Wednesdays (- p.m.

ET) on The CW SEE JANE STRUT HER STUFF — This week’s Jane reaches out to Louise after losing a life-changing 100 pounds.

She began crushing on her co-worker a year ago, but has never hinted that she’d like to spend time with […] [Read more →] The CW – Plain Jane – Season 1: “Conservative Jane” SEE JANE LOOSEN UP – This week’s Jane asks Louise to help her transform from a girl who looks like she’s ready for church to someone who has a shot at attracting the man of her dreams.

She met Eddie, the lead singer of a […] [Read more →] Plain Jane – Season 1: “WALLFLOWER JANE” Wednesday August 18, 2010 (- p.m.

It’s the genuine nature of the show and the them up for a date.

We go out for 48 hours and I teach her how to flirt! They don’t dress in the brightest colours, no high heels, and they don’t show any body parts.

It’s the genuine nature of the show that makes it original and we have such a giggle while we tackle beauty issues inside and out. They fear rejection, and to a higher degree, lack confidence. While we’re shopping during the show, I give tips that I want people to learn from.

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