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For further protection, run your replica server as a different userid (as defined by the operating system, not by Perforce) than the one used to run your master server.The userid that owns the replica server's process must not have write privileges to any of the directories managed by the master server.processes a marker which indicates that all transactions are complete.

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Therefore, the master server must not compress rotated journals until the replica server has fetched all journal records from older journals.

on your master server, you can specify different sets of configurables for each named server.

Each named server, upon startup, refers to its own set of configurables, and ignores configurables set for other servers.

Starting with the 2010.2 release, the Perforce Server now supports several new commands to simplify configuration and replication between Perforce servers of both metadata and versioned files.

Combined with a centralized authorization server (see Centralized authorization server), Perforce administrators can configure the Perforce Broker (see Chapter 11, The Perforce Broker) to redirect commands to read-only replica servers to balance load efficiently across an arbitrary number of replica servers.

Replication is unidrectional, and replica servers are intended for read-only purposes.

Bidirectional replication is not supported, because any changes made to a replica server can be overwritten by changes made to the master Perforce server.

Long-running queries and reports, builds, and checkpoints can be run against a replica server, reducing lock contention.

For checkpoints and some reporting tasks, only metadata needs to be replicated.


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