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Great solution to dispensing beers into growlers is – Pegas Craf Tap, that fills beers fast, with absolutely no foam and preserved beer’s original taste!

Microbreweries from around the world as well as US Craft Brewers, in particular, noted that using Pegas Craf Tap considerably cutting down beer dispensing wait time and speed up customer service speed.

Canada Canadians rarely pass up a chance to look down their noses at Americans because they feel nearly all their beer is better. It’s definitely at least half a step above most of the popular American beers.

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It seems easy to make the list of top-selling beers in different countries but it turns out to be a closely guarded industry secret to find sales statistics on the world’s biggest beer brands as they are all owned by 3-4 huge beer companies.

Here you can find information on top beer brands in 13 major beer-drinking countries.

United States Many people think that America’s best selling beer is Budweiser, but it actually gets worse.

Since 2001 the best selling beer in the USA has been Bud Light with an almost 16% share of the total market though it’s only sold internationally in Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Colombia and Sweden.

Brazil Many people don’t immediately think of beer when they think of Brazil, the fifth most populous country in the world with almost 200 million residents.

With almost a third of the total market, the local brand Skol dominates, with Brahma getting about 20%, followed by Antarctica with about 14%.

All of them are owned by In Bev which is the largest brewing company in the world.

Budweiser is a clear second place in the United States with Miller Lite, Coors Lite, and Corona Extra not far behind in the USA.

Besides international beer brands, USA has many popular beer from local draft brewers.

Now days there is a tendency for micro-breweries growth and beers-to-go become more and more popular.

In the nearest 5 years this tendency will sufficiently change beer market, and even such companies like Anheuser –Busch would have to reconsider its beer sales concept.

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