Troy dizon dating forum

A private discussion forum for members of the San Francisco Lair.

The forum is used to host events around the bay as well as discuss ideas, post development journals, and ask for advice from fellow local PUAs.

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The podcast features dating advice and interviews with top seduction gurus, and currently has over 145 episodes. South, featuring interviews with PUA gurus as well as pickup and dating advice.

The most recent episodes of the podcast are free, but the older episodes need to be purchased before they can be listened to.

A free podcast created by AJ & Jordan from the Art of Charm, featuring interviews with the top dating gurus and advice on how to improve your game and take your life to the next level.

The site also features a blog with posts from top dating experts and a forum where users talk about the podcast, the game, and life.

A podcast series that interviews the top UK based PUAs and puts them online, to stream or download, for free.

PUA Experts poses questions from their listeners directly to their experts.

Some of the instructors they’ve interviewed include AFC Adam Lyons, Mr M (Love Systems), Discovery (Venusian Arts) Harlequin, and Ice Dragon (Scotland Lair), with more to come. About the Site: The Seduction List is the largest directory of pickup related sites, blogs, and links on the internet.

Take your learning to the next level by listening to these FREE pickup podcasts, that offer dating advice and interviews with the top PUA gurus that you can just plug into your i Pod and listen to on your way to work, or while working out in the gym. The podcast features interviews with top dating gurus including Cory Skyy, Lance Mason, and Carlos Xuma, as well as Eric’s own musings on approach anxiety and pickup.

The podcast of Dan Mc Donley (aka Socialhitchiker).

The podcast serves as an extension of his Charisma Tips blog, featuring interviews with dating coaches as well as his thoughts on different pickup and conversational techniques.

The podcast of Carlos Xuma, a dating and pickup instructor who talks about the importance of being an Alpha Male.


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