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I know I shouldn't be so into this, but somehow, I have nothing but faith.

This has been such a big part of growing up for me, and it never really felt over. Has there been any word of a 2016 release or will post production push it back to 2017?

As if they have been living lives off screen for all these years with me. (Just so I can know when to start procuring all the paper bags I will be breathing into.) It's going to be an exchange i read somewhere. i thought of this Rory: Shut the Lorelai: fuck up That's probably not it but that was the first thing that came to my mind. Her is an interview with Lauren Graham about the revival.

She's totally stoked and so am i: So apparently They started filming yesterday and Alexis Bledel is quite pregnant right now so I feel like that is kind of a spoiler that Rory will be pregnant.

I know they can hide that on TV shows but I feel like they will probably just work that in... They said that we would finally learn those "4 words" but I haven't read anywhere that Amy Sherman Palladino speciaifically said she stillintends to end the series with them, so maybe she starts this new series with them? She could totally pull off a not-pregnant-yet Rory for now. I figured Lorelai would have gotten pregnant in S7 and the final scene would be Rory coming into the hospital room where Lor and Luke would be staring down at the little bundle. it's a girl." And there would be the next Gilmore (/Danes) girl.

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In fact, my humor is pretty much the same as theirs.

Stars Hollow was home, in my head, all those years. I took all the drama, all the ins and outs, personally. For years I have been telling people that my life is basically the same as Lorelei and Rory's life.

I am so excited to see that they are making new episodes!

For so long I've just known that they were still carrying on their lives in that Gilmore way and turning Stars Hollow, and any other place they honor with their presence, upside down.

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